Our AC Repair Specialists Speak About the Evolution of Contemporary Air Conditioners

Today, we will break the tradition of writing about AC repair tips and will focus on the history of air conditioning, which we believe will be much more interesting to you! Where would we be without air conditioning? Here is a brief look back at how “cooling” evolved into modern day air conditioning.

  • 1758. Liquid evaporation. All liquid evaporation has a cooling effect. The Cambridge University Professor John Hadley and Benjamin Franklin discovered that the evaporation of alcohol and other volatile liquids, which evaporate faster, can cool down and object enough to freeze water.
  • 1820. Liquified ammonia. Michael Faraday makes the same discovery in England when he compresses and liquifies ammonia.
  • 1830s. Dr. John Gorrie (working in the Florida Hospital) builds an ice-making machine which makes buckets of ice with the help of compression and afterwards blows air over them. About 20 years later, he patents the idea, imagining his invention cooling buildings all over the world. Unfortunately, he did not have any financial support, and his project failed.
  • Evaporative cooler. After President James Garfield was shot, naval engineers built a box cooling unit to keep him cool and comfortable. The device, which was then filled with water-soaked cloth over which a fan blew hot air in order to keep the cool air closer to the ground, managed to lower the room temperature with up to 20 degrees Fahrenheit. It used half a million pounds of ice in just 2 months, which made it a rather expensive invention.
  • 1902. This was the year when the modern AC was born. Willis Carrier invented the Apparatus for treating air to serve a publishing company in NY. The machine was used to blow air over cold coils in order to control the humidity and temperature in the room where paper was stored. This helped the paper not to get wrinkly and kept the ink aligned. As soon as he realized his invention was a huge breakthrough, Carrier established The Carrier Air Conditioning Company of America.
  • 1906. The engineer Stuart Cramer creates a ventilating device that adds water vapor to the air of textile plants. The humidity makes yarn easier to spin and less likely to break and require AC repair. He is the first to call this process”air conditioning”.
  • 1914. In this year, air conditioning is used for home cooling for the first time. The first AC unit is quite big, however: 7 feet high and 6 feet wide.
  • 1931. The individual room window AC was invented by H.H.Schultz and J.Q Sherman. This design is used in apartment building ever since.
  • 1939. Packard invents the coolest ride in town by introducing the vehicle AC. Dashboard AC controls, however, come a bit later.
  • 1950s. The period after World War II is considered the home AC boom as more and more households start using this device in the States, with more than million units sold.
  • 1970s. Central AC comes along, and window air conditioning is no longer the most preferred residential property cooling method.

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