Do You Need a Compressor Inspection AC Service?

If you are not familiar with air conditioning systems and their structure, you most probably know very little or nothing about their compressors. Today, the AC service specialists of Allahar Air Conditioning Inc. will tell you a bit more about them and the importance of their proper functioning. We hope that this post will help you discover your problems with a broken compressor immediately after they occur, because this can be life-saving for your air conditioning unit.

Here are the 4 basic signs to indicate that you may have a faulty compressor:

  • Your AC does not start as smoothly as it used to. “Hard starts” are typical for air conditioning units with a broken compressor and sound like different parts of your AC are turning on separately.
  • The blower fan seems to work fine, but you do not feel that any cool air is coming out of the vents. This is one of the first indications for a compressor blowout.
  • You hear noises which are not typical for your AC system. Rattling, growling, or squealing noises are not typical for an AC, so if you hear them, make sure to call an AC service technician for a compressor inspection.
  • Circuit breaker short outs. When these start happening more frequently when you turn your AC on, you’d better address a specialist in compressor repairs.

Actually, there is no universal reason that can cause your air conditioning compressor to blow out/break. Some of the most common reasons are: burnt wiring, a broken motor overload protector, or a blown fuse. What matters most, of course, is not the cause but the solution. If you do not want to be too hot in the summer days, we highly recommend you to book an AC service as soon as you suspect that there is a problem. When seeking for a licensed and insured HVAC specialist in West Palm Beach, FL, you should not hesitate calling our team at (561) 200-3726 for help. We will be glad to inspect your unit anytime you want!

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