Air Conditioning Contractor Tips For a Healthy System

Air conditioning systems can significantly decrease their performance when left untended to, or not maintained at all. Over time the cooling coil fins clog, the condenser gets muddy, the coolant level drops and the filters get dirty and inefficient. That makes it harder for the machine to work at full capacity and it’s cooling capabilities begin to deteriorate.

Any air conditioning contractor can tell you how important maintenance is. Frequent care is the only thing that makes an AC unit work for 5-10 years instead of breaking down on the second year. Every system, residential or commercial, needs monthly checks if used frequently. With careful and regular care, however, you can save some of the money you usually pay the air conditioning contractor.

Follow these tips and you will be able to keep your air conditioning “healthy” and efficient.

  1. Get a professional air conditioning contractor to clean and take care of your system before the busy seasons. You will save money and your machine will be ready to work non stop through the summer heat.
  2. Be sure to let your AC get all the air it needs. Check for obstructions regularly. The AC cleans and cools the indoor air by cycling it through the cooling coil. That’s why there shouldn’t be anything stopping the circulation.

  3. Change, clean or replace the air filters monthly. It’s relatively easy and you don’t have to call the air conditioning contractor for it. It increases the efficiency and enhances the life of the AC.
  4. Keep the outdoor unit covered and in the shade. The temperature of the outside unit greatly effects it’s efficiency. If there is no shade available, find a way to make some, because according to the Department of Energy, shaded units are up to 10% more efficient than those left in the sun.

  5. If your air conditioning has any pressed fins, be sure to straighten them. They must be straight in order to allow the air flow to pass freely. A fin comb is a good tool for that job.
  6. Make sure your thermostat is measuring the temperature properly. A bad thermostat results in increased energy consumption and a bigger energy bill, of course.

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