Tips on Installing a Replacement Filter by an AC Repair Specialist

If you have the routine of changing or at least cleaning the filter of your air conditioning every month, this will definitely reduce your AC repair costs in the long run, not to mention your electricity bills. The cleaner your filters are, the better your AC will function, and the more energy efficient it will be! This is a low cost way to keep your cooling system in good condition at least during the summer season when it should operate at its full capacity.

Here is what you need to do in order to replace them, if you do not want to hire an air conditioning contractor for this minor job:

  • Purchase a replacement filter in the recommended size required for your system. It is a good idea to buy 12 filters at a time, so you can have a spare one when you need it. In fact, you can also get washable filters because they are more environmentally friendly but they require more effort to maintain, so this option is not suitable for busy homeowners.
  • Always choose the high efficiency filters, especially if you are located in West Palm Beach, FL, where the climate is favorable for the accumulation of more dust, pollen or mold.
  • Consider purchasing filters which have a chemical bacteria killing coating, if your budget allows you to, as they are a little bit more expensive. This is a must if you have family members who are prone to allergies or have other diseases.
  • Manufacturers recommend that filters are changed with the help of an AC repair specialist once per month, but if you have bought high efficiency ones, you may do it 4-5 times per year, as they have longer life-expectancy.
  • If you have doubts you will find the right direction from which to insert the new filter, you can use a marker to mark the direction of the air flow on the side of the old filter and draw arrows in the same direction on the metal guard, you are about to slide.
  • Consult with a professional air conditioning contractor.

If you are not sure you will be able to manage this task yourself, you better not risk the “health” of your cooling installation, and hire an air conditioning contractor to assist you. If you are looking for quick and affordable results Allahar Air Conditioning Inc. is the right place to call! We will be expecting you!

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