Does Your Heating Service Specialist Know How to Reduce Your Heating Expenses?

It is a common misconception that heating service providers dealing with HVAC installation and maintenance know the secrets of lowering your electricity bills during the cold winter months. Of course, we know how to help you save some money, but when arctic wind and cold climate suitable for polar bears only invades your neighborhood, there is pretty much nothing that can save you from spending a lot on heating.

Here are 3 well-known methods to keep your home from “burning money” on heating:

  • Wear warmer clothes. Wearing a jumper and wool socks after lowering the temperature of the rooms that you heat is a pretty effective money-saver, as long as you feel healthy enough to do it of course. Dietologists also recommend living in a home environment with temperatures that make you feel a bit cold. Why is that? The explanation is simple – the human body burns most of the calories accepted through food to heat itself well. If you are feeling warm but still not 100% comfortable with the surrounding temperature, this means that your body will use the fats you have accumulated to burn them and heat itself.
  • Use a programmable thermostat. You don’t need to be a heating service specialist to know that if you can program your thermostat according to your daily schedule, your HVAC unit will be more efficient and energy-saving. The time you spend away from home is the time when you can set a lower room temperature.
  • Pilfer from your neighbors. This is possible only if you are living in an apartment building and you are surrounded by other neighbors. The heat from the lower levels of the building is rising, so if your apartment is on the 3rd or higher, it will be warmer.
  • Allow more sunlight to enter your home. Don’t keep your curtains down when the sun is shining. Even if it is cold outside, you may let the sun rays enter the South exposed rooms of your home and heat them a bit.

For more free tips on heat loss reduction, contact the heating service specialist – Allahar Air Conditioning Inc. at (561) 200-3726. Our West Palm Beach, FL specialists will be more than happy to answer all of your questions in a competent manner!

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